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QUESTION: 1 A company has its own internal application App1 which exposes its products price catalog to its clients via MQ transport protocol. The company needs to build a new proxy mediation application using Message Broker to expose its service to external clients. The suggested mediation flow would accept the request from different clients, route the request to App1 and send the response back to the requesting client where each client has its own target queue. Which built-in pattern should the solution developer use to achieve this?
A. Message Request Response Correlator
B. Service Proxy: static endpoint pattern
C. Service Access from WebSphere MQ
D. Service Facade to WebSphere MQ: request-response pattern
Answer: A
QUESTION: 2 A healthcare company needs to implement WS-Security integrity message signing for an existing web service flow that will now be handling sensitive data. Which nodes can the solution developer use to develop this enhancement? (Choose two)
A. HTTPInput
B. HTTPRequest
C. SOAPInput
D. SOAPRequest
E. SOAPEnvelope

Answer: C, D
QUESTION: 3 A telecommunications customer needs to develop a flow that sends a message to invoke an existing business process on WebSphere Process Server (WPS). The requirements do not call for a response message back from the flow. Which node should the solution developer use to send the message to WPS?
A. SOAPRequest
B. CORBARequest
C. SCAReply
D. SCAAsyncRequest

Answer: D
QUESTION: 4 A school website needs to retrieve student records from its PeopleSoft system. The broker needs to be configured to utilize PeopleSoft JAR files. How should the solution developer implement this requirement?
A. Place the PeopleSoft provided files on the broker runtime file system and run : mqsichangebroker <broker_Name> -l -v <file-path>
B. Place the PeopleSoft provided files on the broker runtime file system and run: mqsichangeproperties <Broker-Name> -c EISProviders -o PeopleSoft -n jarsURL -v <file-path>
C. Configure the broker to use the files that came with the installation and run: mqsichangeproperties <broker_Name> -c EISProviders -o PeopleSoft -n jarsURL -v<broker-install-dir>\adapters\prereqs\jars
D. Configure the application to use the relevant JAR files by adding external dependencies to the message broker application in the Toolkit during development. The Toolkit will bundle these JAR files within the Broker Archive (BAR) file for deployment.

Answer: B
QUESTION: 5 A message flow that uses an SAPRequest node is reporting an expired password error in the system log. Which command does the solution developer need to issue to update the expired password?
A. mqsicvp
B. mqsisetdbparms
C. mqsichangebroker
D. mqsichangeproperties

Answer: B
QUESTION: 6 A bank uses Process Server to implement a supervisor based, credit line approval process. Once initiated, the process does not return a response. This Process Server workflow needs to be started every time the Message Broker receives a new credit increase transaction. To implement this requirement, a solution developer can design a message flow that uses:
A. Publication Node
B. SCARequest Node
C. a combination of SOAPAsyncRequest and SOAPAsyncResponse
D. JavaCompute Node to invoke the process flow JAR files that are generated

Answer: B
QUESTION: 7 A sales company is currently running 2 message flows. The first, ProcessOrder, validates customer orders and then sends the shipping information to the warehouse via an MQ request message. Once the warehouse has shipped the order, a reply is sent back which is processed by the second flow, SendConfirmation, to send a confirmation to the customer. The company is now expanding and has multiple warehouses. The solution developer must modify ProcessOrder to send messages to each warehouse only for the items it stocks, and SendConfirmation to send a response message only when all warehouses have replied. What node(s) should the solution developer use?
A. SendConfirmation -> MQGet
B. SendConfirmation -> Collector
C. ProcessOrder -> Sequence SendConfirmation -> Resequence
D. ProcessOrder -> AggregateControl and AggregateRequest SendConfirmation -> AggregateReply

Answer: D
QUESTION: 8 A solution developer needs to retrieve a governed XML document from a WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) Server. Where is the retrieved XML document stored?
A. Root.XML
B. In a user specified location.
C. Environment.ServiceRegistry
D. LocalEnvironment.ServiceRegistry
Answer: D

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A solution developer needs to deploy a message flow initially in “Stopped” state.
How must the solution developer achieve this?

A. Set the Start Mode property on the broker archive BAR file to “Manual” status
B. Set the Start Mode property on the broker archive BAR file to “Stopped” status
C. Set the Start Mode property on the broker archive BAR file to “Maintained” status
D. Use the mqsistopmsgflow command to stop the message flows once they have been deployed.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 10 A solution developer has deployed a message flow containing the DatabaseRetrieve node. The connection properties to the database were created using the mqsicreateconfigurableservice command. The solution developer has been told that the database is to be relocated to a different server. How should the connection properties be updated by the solution developer to reflect the new server?
A. Run mqsisetdbparms.
B. Run mqsichangebroker.
C. Run mqsichangeproperties.
D. Use a context sensitive menu in the Broker view of the Toolkit.

Answer: C
QUESTION: 11 A global bank has developed a new application which must be activated in multiple countries at the same time. Due to different time zones, it is found that the new application can only be deployed during business hours of each country and should not process messages immediately. The application would be started at a later time by a system administrator. Prior to deployment, how does the solution developer need to configure the application?
A. configuring the Commit Count of the message flow to zero (0).
B. configuring the Additional Instances of the message flow to zero (0).
C. setting the Start Mode of the application in the Broker Archive (BAR) file to Manual mode.
D. setting the Start Mode of the application in the Broker Archive (BAR) file to Automatic mode.

Answer: C

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