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QUESTION: 1 An application development team has developed a new version of an application that needs to be rolled out to a selected group of users for testing while the other users can continue to access the old version of the application. What configuration should the system administrator do in order to achieve this?
A. Perform a rollout on an application edition.
B. Perform a rollout on an application edition and establish routing policies.
C. Install an application edition and establish routing policies.
D. Activate concurrent application editions and establish routing policies.
Answer: D
QUESTION: 2 In a test environment, a system administrator has configured an external HTTP in the DMZ that is routing to a cluster of application servers. The administrator wants to achieve high results and performance when routing and prioritizing incoming requests to the back-end cluster. How can the system administrator achieve this task?
A. Configure a cluster of external HTTP servers.
B. Enable the prefer local option on the cluster members.
C. Setup a Caching Proxy server between the external web server and the application server.
D. Place an On Demand Router (ODR) between the external web servers and the application servers.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 3 After deploying a new application to a high load production system, a memory leak has been detected which causes OutOfMemory exceptions. After fixing this, a system administrator needs to gather JVM heap dumps and restart the server in case a memory leak is detected in the future. How should the system administrator handle this without writing a script? Create a health policy which will:
A. send the SNMP trap to generate the heap dump and restart the server.
B. put the server in maintenance mode, gather JVM heap dump and restart the server.

C. take the server out of maintenance mode, gather JVM heap dump and restart the server.
D. use the Job Manager to put server in maintenance mode, gather JVM heap dump and restart the server.

Answer: B
QUESTION: 4 A system administrator has created a dynamic cluster in a production environment. During the autonomic server start and stop operations, it was observed that the server is taking more time than normal and the administrator is always called for manual start/stop of the servers. What should the system administrator tune to avoid manual intervention?
A. Health controller.
B. Dynamic workload controller.
C. Application placement controller.
D. On-demand configuration manager.

Answer: C
Which statement is accurate regarding business-level applications?

A. A business-level application contains application binary files.
B. Only WebSphere artifacts are contained in a business-level application.
C. The business-level application function introduces new application programming interfaces (APIs).
D. Make a Java EE application a business-level application and add it to another business-level application.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 6 A developer has just given the system administrator an EAR file that needs to deployed to the application server. The developer tells the system administrator that the EAR requires a driver for the new XYZ database that has been tested. What additional steps must the system administrator take to ensure the EAR deploys successfully to the application server?

A. Create a data source and JDBC provider for the new database.
B. Create a data source and resource adapter for the new database.
C. Create a resource adapter and JDBC provider for the new database.
D. Create a resource adapter and JDBC reference for the new database.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 7 A system administrator has configured a clustered production WebSphere Application Server environment. The administrator is now tasked with deploying batch applications to the production environment and needs to run the batch jobs in parallel. Which of the following is a minimum requirement for the parallel job manager database configuration? One database:
A. for the cell.
B. per cluster.
C. per grid endpoint.
D. per application server.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 8 A system administrator needs to deploy an enterprise application to a WebSphere Application Server environment. Before starting the deployment process, the administrator uses the IBM Assembly and Deploy Tool (IADT) to inspect the EAR and notices that it is enhanced. Since enhanced EARs are not allowed in their runtime environment, the system administrator needs to unenhance the EAR. How can the system administrator successfully remove the enhancements?
A. Use WebSphere Customization Toolbox (WCT) to unenhance the EAR.
B. Disable the application scoped resources in the application deployment descriptor.
C. Remove the META-INF/ibmconfig folder from the project before exporting the EAR.
D. Make sure that Process embedded configurations is not selected when exporting the EAR.
Answer: C

QUESTION: 9 An enterprise application needs to be deployed into a production WebSphere Application Server environment. The EAR contains application scoped resources which will conflict with the resource definitions that already exist in the federated environment. How can the system administrator ensure that the enterprise application uses only the already existing resources?
A. Change the scoping for the existing resources to the cell level.
B. Check that the EAR file is not in the application server classpath.
C. Verify that the classpath does not include the folder containing the application scoped resources.
D. Make sure that Process embedded configuration is not selected during the deploy process.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 10 A system administrator is seeing data source naming exceptions during runtime and needs to check the JNDI name of the Java Transaction API (JTA) data source used within an Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) module. Which file should the administrator examine?
A. web.xml
B. persistence.xml
C. ibm-web-bnd.xmi
D. ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xmi

Answer: B

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